The John Burroughs High School Band and Color Guard Program is an outstanding association of students, parents and instructors working together to show the love of quality performances. The various seasonal programs are designed to offer participants the opportunity to learn that quality preparation is the basis for quality performance.

Program activities offer exposure to the ideas of team effort, self-sacrifice for the good of the group, and the fun and success that comes with good planning and hard work. To assure a consistent understanding of basic members responsibilities, each participant and parent must agree to abide by the following conditions.


Students must maintain a minimum of a 2.0 grade point average to participate in any band activity.


Grades will be based on a point system. The majority of a students grade will be based on rehearsals and performances. Each will be assigned a certain number of points. There may be periodic assignments, playing tests and music theory quizzes, which will also have point values and count towards the students grade.

Point Breakdown:

Performance - 50
Rehearsal - 5 to 10
Quiz -10 to 20
Playing Test -10

Reasons for a reduction in points:

Absent - unexcused
No Instrument, no reed or music, not able to participate
No pencil at rehearsal
Chewing gum during rehearsal Excessive talking
Disrespect to staff, students or equipment


Each student is an integral part of the band, therefore students are expected to perform with the band at all events. Attendance at all band performances and scheduled rehearsals is mandatory unless a valid excuse is presented to the Band Director. (If you will be absent for a performance, give at least 2-weeks notice.)

Excused absences will not count against a student's grade. The following excuses are not accepted:

Birthday Party
Too much homework
Family vacation

Performance times are rarely available in advance of competition, so it is imperative that participants leave each performance date completely clear. Do not schedule additional activities on event or performance dates.


Regularly scheduled weekly rehearsals will be held throughout the semester from 6:00 to 9:00 pm on Tuesday evenings depending on the band calendar. Extra rehearsals may be scheduled as needed prior to the Holiday Concert or other important performances.

Uniform Rules

Uniforms and Equipment

When the band performs appearance always counts!

Your help is needed throughout the marching season to make sure that the band looks its best whenever we perform. This means all students must take pride in their own appearance. Points may be deducted from the band's final competition score if a band member's appearance is not performance ready. Instructors and parent volunteers are always on hand to help at games and competitions, but ultimately it's the student's responsibility to make sure they are ready to perform.

Uniforms consist of: Band Jacket, Bibbers, Gloves, Plume & Shako Hat or Beret, and Dinkles.

We proudly wear a traditional style Red & White jacket over black overalls, called bibbers. Marching Uniforms are assigned and fitted to each student. (Members in the Pit do not wear Marching Uniforms, but receive theme specific costumes.) Uniforms are stored in numbered garment bags. Remember your assigned number!

Information on the use, care and responsibility for district-owned uniforms is included in this handbook. Students are also responsible for the proper care of the equipment and/or instruments that are assigned to them.

Marching shoes are your responsibility. Always write your name inside both shoes. A gym bag or backpack is a convenient way to carry your shoes, polish and personal items to games and competitions. (Never bring valuable items.) Be sure to identify your bag with your name. Shoes and bag should go home after every event.

Uniform Care

Uniforms should never be taken home, unless authorized by a Uniform Chairperson. If a uniform is removed with permission, it is expected to be returned clean and in damage free condition.

Report anything that need repair or cleaning immediately.

Uniforms must be hung up neatly on its hanger after every use. Never leave anything in the garment bag with your uniforms such as Dinkles, street shoes, socks, candy, etc. Color Guard and Pit costumes must be stored as directed by the Uniform Team. Costumes are band property.

Uniforms are taken to competitions sites and students will change into their uniforms at the site. There may be no private changing area available so be prepared to change on the bus - coed style.

What to Wear

Students must wear black socks and a plain white tee shirt every time the band uniform will be worn.

We suggest bike shorts or boxer shorts for changing on the bus. If you march, bring polished Dinkles. " Always wear deodorant - and a smile!

What Not to Wear

Sleeveless or high collar shirts are not allowed.
Baggy or oversized shorts should not be worn under bibbers. Jewelry must be removed or completely concealed before games and competitions. Earrings, nose rings, etc may be covered with a small (student provided) bandage.
This should be done before all events.
Hair must be worn off the shoulder and neck and pulled/pinned completely under the Shako. No exceptions. Bring your own hair ties, pins, etc.

Marching members receive a pair(1) of gloves. The cleanliness and storage of the gloves are your responsibility. (Battery members do not use gloves.)

Shako Hat and Plume must be stored in their assigned hatbox and returned to the band room with your uniform. Only Berets and gloves are allowed to be kept in the garment bag with your uniform. Your gloves and garment bag are your responsibility.

Plumes can get wet or dirty. When your hat is not in use, plumes should be stored in a plastic bag. The plastic bag is provided to you and stored in the crown of your hat.

Marching Dinkle shoes must be purchased by the student. You may order these through the JBHS IMA. Used Dinkles are sold at a reduced cost, but sizes are limited.

Parent/Student Fundraising Responsibility

Parents are expected to participate in Booster Club fundraising events to provide the necessary capital to pay operating expenses for the JBHS Band and Color Guard. Profits from most fundraising events will be credited directly to the student's account. Information regarding fundraising events will be presented at the booster club meeting and will be posted on the fundraising bulletin board in the band room.


The district bus company provides transportation for most performances. All students are required to travel with the group. Students are also required to return with the group to assist in unloading and storage of equipment. Individual schedule changes must be made in writing from the student's parent or guardian and must be approved by the Band Director 48-hours prior to an event. No student will be released from a competition or performance without written authorization from a parent or guardian.


In accordance with the Burbank Unified School District Discipline Rules, all members of the John Burroughs High School Band and Color Guard are expected to display responsible behavior, respect the right of others and abide by school rules.

The success and enjoyment of participation in the JBHS Band and Color Guard depends on the combined efforts of all members. The considerate treatment of fellow students, Booster Club members and Instructional Staff enhances our time together. Each member's expressed individual attitude about participation, either negative or positive affects everybody within sight or earshot. BE POLITE! BE NICE, OR BE QUIET.

Touch only those things that belong to you or for which you are responsible. All personal business (e.g., changing clothes, getting equipment, using restrooms, making phone call, etc.) is to be completed prior to the beginning of each rehearsal. Never leave rehearsal for any reason without permission of the Instructor. Problems or disagreements will be handled in a civil manner, preferably apart from the rehearsal.

The Band Room is our home away from home. It is shared by over 200 people daily and for this reason it MUST BE KEPT CLEAN. The Band Office is for official business. Please knock before entering the Office.

While on free time at an event, students must stay in groups of two or more for their own safety. At the conclusion of an event, stay with the group and listen carefully for instructions. Never speak badly about another unit while in public. Always applaud at the end of another units program - whether you like the show or not. They work as hard as you do and deserve your support.

Remember that you represent the other members of your organization. Your conduct shapes the public's view of all of us. Students must show respect toward chaperones. They are taking time out to assist your instructor as well as watching out for your safety.


Everyone in the band - students, instructors and parents - are due respect and courtesy. If a conflict or concern arises, we encourage you to bring it to the attention of your section leader or directly to the instructor. If the problem can not be resolved at that level, please discuss it with the Band Director and/or any member of the IMA Board.

The staff and IMA leadership is committed to addressing any and all issues in a fair, impartial and timely manner.

Forgetfulness and Fines

The care and maintenance of our uniforms takes time and money. We expect everyone to arrive at games and competitions ready to perform. If a student forgets a uniform component, or shows disregard for the uniform rules there is a fine assessed. Please get in the habit of bringing everything you need.

Loaner Dinkles are available for a $2.00 fee. The loaners are limited in size and quantity - so don't count on it. If there is no pair available in your size, you must make arrangements to have your Dinkles brought to you at our competition or game site. If loaner shoes are not returned, a $10.00 fee will apply. Students shoes left on the bus, or in the band room will be returned for a $2.00 fee.
Black socks are required. If a student is not wearing black socks they are required to purchase a pair for $2.00.
Lost or forgotten gloves may be replaced for $2.00/pair.
If anything is left in the garment bag, a $1.00 fine will apply.
If the uniform is intentionally damaged, the cost of professional repair and dry cleaning fee will be charged to the student's account.
If the uniform is left in a careless manner (left on the floor, hung in a shabby manner, etc.) a $10.00 fee applies.

All fees are due and payable at the time of the incident. Fees are used to fund uniform care and repair kits. These rules are meant to encourage student responsibility, and should be read and understood by both student and parent. (Fees not immediately satisfied by the student, will appear on your statement as Uniform Fine.)

Membership in the IMA


Time Requirements

~Summer Last 2 weeks of August, daily, all day for practice Freshman camp, weekly Tuesday night sessions in July and August for practice 6:00 - 9:00pm
~Fall Daily 7:00 - 8:00am practice (0 Period) Weekly Tuesday nights 6:00 - 9:00pm practice Daily one hour band class
~Spring Daily one hour band class
~Other Performances, special practices, and competions are sometimes scheduled during non-school hours


Students must maintain a minimum of a 2.0 grade point average to participate in any band activity.


Congratulations! You are already a member, and an important part of our success. We hope to see you at our meetings, practices and performances! Please look for opportunities to get involved. It will be a great experience for you and your student.


The John Burroughs High School Instrumental Music Association Booster Club is organized to provide support to the JBHS Band and Color Guard and all its performance groups. This support consists of financial aid, volunteer services and organizational coordination as requested by the Band Director. The association support is intended to augment the Burbank Unified School District program and policies.


Any person who is a parent or guardian of a student in the John Burroughs High School Band and Color Guard is a member in the JBHS-IMA Booster Club. Membership in the JBHS-IMA shall be granted to any interested person who subscribes to the purposes of this Booster Club.


The Booster Club parent meetings are typically held throughout the school year on the first Wednesday of each month at 7 PM. The meetings are open to all members and everyone is encouraged to attend. Check the calendar for upcoming meetings.

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