Fundraising Opportunities

You and your student will have many opportunities to pay a portion of your assessment. These efforts account for 9% of our income and partially fund scholarships or major purchases. Please participate. We have several ongoing and short term fundraising projects. To participate in any of these, click the email link at the bottom.

Short term

Spring Concert Advertisement:
We sell space in the IMA Spring Concert Programs. Seniors can include their special statements! Family and Friends can send congratulations to any student! Businesses can place various sized advertisements too! Sell or Buy!

$5 Senior Statement Ads
$5 & $10 Family and Friends Personal Ads
$35 Business Card Size
$50 Quarter Page
$60 Half Page
$85 Full Page
Contact: Maureen Garcia by email at

Honeybaked Ham:
We have Honey Baked Ham certificates! They are available in $10 denominations. $4.00 from each certificate sold will go back into your student's account.  Supplies are limited and will be sold on a first come-first served basis!
Contact: Cathy Whitaker by email at

Long term

Book your travel through us:
JBHS IMA will be get 50% of the commission paid from the hotels, cruise lines, car rentals, tour companies, and airlines. Please go to

Empty Inkjet and Toner Cartridges:
Last month we received $174 for the empty Inkjet and Toner cartridges! Thanks to Joey Levy (our toner cartridge recycler) for helping the IMA! If you are interested in purchasing inkjet and toner cartridges (major brands and generic)-
Contact: Joey at (818) 341-2764. For more info, visit

Grab a pizza and help the band!

Buy a Domino's pizza on the first monday of the month and a portion of the purchase goes to the band.  Here is the form.


Ralphs and Food 4 Less Community Contribution Program :
Enrollment is still open.
Contact: Cathy Whitaker by email at

Albertsons Community Partners
On-line enrollment of your Preferred Savings Card (you can mail an enrollment form too).
Detailed Info
Single Enrollment Form
Multiple Enrollment Form
Contact: Cathy Whitaker by email at

Krispy Kreme Cards:
Available at the Booster Meetings.
Contact: Open

The Scrip Program

“10% Back To Schools” E-SCRIP PROMOTION at Vons now is progress! If you are current eScrip member, you will receive a Rewards Certificate after September 4th. It states on the certificate how much you earned and that your designated eScrip group will receive this donation directly through eScrip. But, don’t worry if you are not a member yet! You can request a certificate from the cashier through October 6th. All you have to do is to put your rewards certificates (your friends and families too!) in an envelope and drop them in the band money box. Please include with your name and student’s name. If we receive any certificates without a name, they will go into the General Fund. Encourage friends and family to participate too!

Marie Callender’s Pie Certificates
Any holiday wouldn't be complete with a pie from Marie Callender’s. They cost $10.49 each, and $3.00 from each one sold goes towards individual assessments. 
Contact: Cathy Whitaker by email at

Handy Market Scrip
Chances are you are already a customer of this great grocer. The Handy Market scrip is pre-purchased, and used like a certificate. You student is credited 5% of total scrip purchase.
Contact: Cherie Wescott by email at

Bob's Big Boy Certificates
For every $5.00 Bob's Big Boy gift certificate you buy, Bob's donates $2.00 back to the band, which again, goes directly to your student's account. Make it a tradition to join the band for Bob's night, and use your certificates. Invite neighbors too! (Note: Certificates are only good for the Bob's on Riverside Drive in Toluca Lake.)
Contact: Susan Jacobs by email at

Upcoming seasonal and short term fundraisers We have many other fundraisers during the year. Look for information about these in your statement or at the booster meetings.
Cheesecake Sales • Innisbrook Wrapping Paper • Christmas Trees & Wreaths • Candy Sales • Car Shows • Bake Sales •Opportunity Drawing • Rummage Sale • Car Wash • AND MUCH MORE! Click here to email the Fundraising committee

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