In order to run the instrumental music program at JBHS, about $104,000 is required yearly. This money is needed to charter buses, clean and repair uniforms, maintain and acquire instruments, obtain additional instruction, and other expenses. The Burbank school district provides less than $14,000 toward that amount. The balance must be obtained through fundraising and student assessments. The assessment for the 2007 fall marching season will be $450.00. By the first day of band camp, August 14, a $100.00 deposit for the fall season is due. Credit balances will not be applied for this $100.00 deposit. Some of the funds garnered by your fundraising activities will offset this assessment. For fundraising participation, click here. Some students have covered their entire assessment by fundraising!

Two payment plans for the fall assessment are available:
1.) A lump sum payment due by September 11 in the amount of $307.50. This method reduces the total fall assessment to $380. A 5% discount/savings to you!
2.) Monthly payment plan: $110 due by October 4, $110 due by November 6, and $110 due by December 6. Smaller additional expenses may occur during the fall marching season to cover the purchase of marching shoes, gloves and socks.

Three methods can be used for payments of the assessment and additional items (make checks payable to JBHS IMA):
1.) Payment by check can be done by enclosing a check in an envelope inscribed with the students' name and reason for payment (shoes, assessment, etc.). The envelope is then placed in the payment box in the band room.
2.) Payment by check can be mailed to:

JBHS-IMA ATTN: Treasurer
2219 West Olive Ave. PMB 298
Burbank, CA 91506

3.) Payments of the amount you choose can also be made by debit or credit card using the Paypal system link below.

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